cedar fronds
Port Orford Cedar

Dedicated to homestead skills & the preservation of Port Orford Cedar.

Trep grazing with Humbug Mountain in the distanceCedar Grove Farm is dedicated to helping others learn sustainable living skills by hands on experience through apprenticeships, workshops and field trips. A major focus is on the forest, the many resources it provides and how it protects and nurtures the earth underneath, producing clean water, air and incredible biodiversity

Established in the midst of a young regenerating forest over 25 years ago, Cedar Grove Farm is an agro-forestry homestead, practicing sustainable forestry following the principles of eco-forestry. Just a mile from the ocean and another mile from the small Oregon coastal town of Port Orford, the environment here is relatively unpolluted and kept cool and temperate by the winds off the Pacific Ocean.

Cedar Grove Farm looking over the tree topsThe 35 acre property is mostly forested and surrounded by forest. On one side is the town watershed and reservoir, covered by mature forest about 100 years old and to remain uncut. On the other side is 80 acres of varied forest land protected by a conservation easement and being managed by Cedar Grove Farm as a working demonstration eco-forest.

twisted cedar treeThere are numerous legacy trees here testifying to the strength of the storm winds and the resiliency of the trees and forest. Large stumps attest to the ancient forests which once covered this area, periodically rejuvenated by the raging fires that swept through the region. The forest here today is a mix of maturing trees and choking brush, just waiting to be moved along to the next seral stage in the forest succession.

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