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Port Orford Cedar

Port Orford Cedar

Snag and seedlingThe world renowned Port Orford Cedar, a major component of the forest here, is a valuable tree known for it's fragrant, rot resistant wood and it's beautiful foliage used in floral decorations sent around the world. It is treasured by the Japanese, closely resembling one of their rare cedars. It has grown in this area for untold millenia but is indiginous only to this local bioregion, confined to South west Oregon and some of northern California.

Matt behind the treeThe twisted trees surviving past storms attest to the tenacity of this species. Most all of the ancient trees have been logged. But worse yet, it is being threatend by an introduced fungus, Phythophora lateralis, which attacks only this species here and is most always fatal. But through a joint effort of the BLM, the US Forest service, and Oregon State University, after years of searching and testing over 12,000 trees, highly resistant trees have been found and are now being propagated so that their seedlings are available for restocking the forests. Cedar Grove Farm has been involved in a small part of this program and has individually tagged and numbered seedlings growing on the property for research testing. To ensure that Port Orford Cedar will remain a major part of the forest Using an ATV to haul a cedar logsurrounding the town of Port Orford, Cedar Grove Farm has embarked on a mission to re-establish a phythophthora lateralis resistant cedar forest. A thousand cedar seedling are planted out each year with more and more planned for the future.

Twisted Port Orford CedarCedar logs are carefully salvaged from the forest using small scale, minimum impact equipment. The farm's small bandsaw mill can convert them into lumber for onsite building projects or, by custom order, for sale. Naturally curved logs from trees twisted and distorted from past winter storms can be used as unique posts and beams for custom homes.

Cedar Grove Farm offers Port Orford Cedar Products for on-site sale or barter. See our products page for more information.

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