cedar fronds
Port Orford Cedar

Products for the Community

The following are available for sale or barter. We are also open to field trips and group workshops.
Email Rick or call (541) 332 - 2675

Garlic braidsGarden and Livestock

  • Free-range chicken eggs (Also available at the health food store)
  • Garlic (Available seasonally starting August, direct 10 lb. minimum sales, smaller quantities available at the health food store.)

Trees and Lumber
For pick up only - no delivery available.

  • milling cedarCedar posts and logs, including unique naturally curved logs for natural builders
  • Custom cut lumber
  • Port Orford Cedar flute blanks

Note: Good saw logs are getting very scarce.

port orford cedar flute Flute made of Port Orford Cedar
goats Goats are forest ranged
natural building with curved logs Storm Damaged tree, decades afterwards, can be inverted and utilized for natural building posts and beam.

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